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Soy 1 Champú Solido Bio para Cabello Seco

Soy 1 Champú Solido Bio para Cabello Seco

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Solid Lavender Shampoo For Dry Hair  .

I am an artisan shampoo, made with coconut oil, aloe vera juice and Shea butter. Aloe and shea butter protect dry and brittle hair, nourishing it  from root to tip.

Enriched with red clay,  giving your hair strength, shine and volume.

Lavender essential oil helps prevent itchy skin,  helps fight dandruff and dryness.

This shampoo  It is not made with palm oil, sulfates, or silicones.  It is a healthy shampoo for your hair and healthy for your skin.

Its solid format is more comfortable and ecological;  in this way you contribute to the environment, and  you don't use  plastics that damage the natural environment.


Weight 65 grams Approx. Bio, Vegan. not tested on animals.

23.19% Organic ingredients.

Each tablet of solid shampoo is equivalent to two bottles of shampoo.

(about  from one pill you can get 35 washes).



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