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Soy 1 Crema De Granada Y Manzanilla BIO

Soy 1 Crema De Granada Y Manzanilla BIO

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Soy 1 Crema Facial De Granada y Manzanilla. Soy una crema nutritiva  especialmente diseñada para pieles secas o mixtas.

Estoy elaborada con aceites ricos y activos en vitaminas y antioxidantes.  Soy una crema unisex. El aceite de granada y almendra utilizado en mi composición, hacen de mi una crema de uso diario perfecta, para pieles secas y mixtas.  Los extractos de manzanilla y hamamelis dan tono y firmeza a tu piel des de las primeras aplicaciones. Soy un amor, soy una caricia diaria para tu piel. Tengo un aroma a gardenia que te enamorará.


50 ml. BIO-Vegana. No testada en animales.

74,93 % de ingredientes Ecológicos Certificados.

¡Gracias Por elegirnos!


    Nourishing facial cream with powerful oils. Antioxidant oil  of pomegranate and almond oil, provide softness and nutrition to your skin. Its daily use prevents the signs of skin aging and wrinkles. It is ideal for dry and mixed skin, skin punished by sun exposure,  that have lost their vitality is ideal for sensitive skin  and demanding   by the time.

    • Hydrates Moisturizing effect for 24 hours.

    • Firming thanks to the firming active ingredients of its composition, it will help you prevent premature aging of the skin and improve the smoothness and firmness of the skin in a few weeks.

    • Regenerates its BIO oils regenerate and help prevent wrinkles and their depth.

    • Activates the microcirculation and the tone of your skin, eliminating redness and itching, stimulates blood circulation in case of couperose rosacea.

    The chamomile and hamanelis extracts in its composition help to calm  and reduce inflammation of irritations and  redness of  your skin,  stimulating blood flow, providing  long-lasting hydration to maintain a beautiful, smooth complexion   all day. It is a cream designed for both women and men.

    It does not leave a greasy feeling and provides elasticity to your skin and protection. Has it all!!

    AS A DAY FACIAL USE Its use is perfect to start your day, hydrating and nourishing your skin, preparing it to receive the first rays of the sun. Apply after your daily facial cleansing. Can be used after shaving and before makeup. WHAT

    HOW TO USE  NIGHT FACIAL Can be used to hydrate your skin before going to bed; You no longer need two creams for your skin, you can use it both at night and during the day.



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